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Maranatha School

of Dance & the Arts

Our Purpose: 

Maranatha School of Dance and the Arts exists to make excellent quality training available to students in a Christ-centered environment that nurtures and allows them to thrive. Whether our students study for fun or train to pursue professional careers, it is our goal to be a positive influence in students’ lives to help prepare them for whatever lies ahead.


Our Commitment:

Quality- Maranatha is committed to ensuring our programs consist of high-quality instruction made possible through a combination of qualified instructors, small class sizes, and syllabi developed to meet the needs of the students in each program.


Nurture- Maranatha is committed to challenging, teaching, and equipping students in a manner that encourages them, inspires passion, and motivates them to succeed. 


Community- Maranatha is committed to cultivating a sense of community among our students, teachers and families.  Maranatha is committed to being a bright light in our community through outreach, service and sharing the love of Jesus.


Our Basis of Faith:

Though students are not required to share our faith, our faith means that we:

  • Freely talk about our faith in the studio and share about the hope we have in Christ.

  • Pray before classes begin and lift up the needs of a student in prayer when appropriate.

  • Seek to be positive role models by demonstrating things like integrity, honesty, respectfulness, positive work ethic, patience, kindness, and joy on a daily basis. 

  • Choose tasteful, modest costumes and use carefully selected music, steering clear of things like inappropriate language and suggestive lyrics in order to maintain a wholesome, positive environment.

  • Encourage students to use their art form as a way to create meaningful experiences with others.

Maranatha School of Dance & the Arts is the only local studio to be awarded a More Than Just Great Dancing Affiliation!
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