Teen Dance (6th grade and up)

Below is information that will guide you in your class selection process.

Ages listed are as of September 1, 2018. Please let us know if we can

help in any way. No question is too small!

It’s never too late to learn something new or rekindle a passion for dance! We offer beginning and multi-level classes for 6th grade and up. 

Teen Ballet - This is the entry level for the older student that wants to study classical ballet. Here, the important foundation is laid for the rest of the levels to be built upon. Students are introduced to barre work, basic technique, proper stretching, and discipline requirements. They will also be introduced to center work and traveling across the floor. (45 minutes)

Teen Lyrical - This contemporary style is a fusion of ballet and jazz technique with an outpouring of emotion through movement. (45 minutes)

Tap (12+)- This multi-level class is designed for older students.. Tap emphasizes quick movements of the feet to make strong rhythmic combos.  (45 minutes)

Hip-Hop (12+)- This fast-paced class is designed to challenge dancers in freestyle movement and experiment with the various styles of hip-hop such as breaking, locking, housing, popping, and krumping.  While listening to wholesome cutting-edge music, students learn to express themselves through the art of movement. Some previous experience recommended. (45 minutes)