Homeschool Electives

NEW this year! Daytime Dance and Music classes designed just for homeschooling families.

  Please let us know if we can help in any way. No question is too small!

Fall session of Homeschool Electives begins Tuesday, August 22nd.


Family Choir (age 6- Adult)- The Choir will prepare 5-7 songs (2 part harmony) and seek performance opportunities in the community. Parents are encouraged to participate. (45 minutes, 15 week session)

Recorder (age 10+) -Discover the fun of playing this pre-band, woodwind instrument while learning the basic music concepts of rhythm and note reading.  Recorders and materials provided. (45 minutes, 15 week session)

Music Appreciation (age 6-9)- Students will learn the basics of music theory, study famous composers and “travel” around the world discovering the sounds, songs and instruments developed by a number of different cultures. (45 minutes, 15 week session)

Beginning Ballet (age 6-9, 10+)- This classical form of dance is characterized by grace, precision, and fluidity. Dancers will experience the joy of ballet while benefiting from the discipline required to excel. Focus on formal technique, theatrical presentation, and artistic expression are all components of ballet training. (45 minutes, 15 week session)

Steps of Praise (age 12 through Adult or age 8+ with parent)- This multi-generational class teaches students how to use dance as a form of worship. Class includes a short devotional time each week. (45 minutes, 12-week session)

Dance With Me (18 months- 3 yrs old) - A class packed with fun learning opportunities involving basic dance motor skills, creative movement, and song and dance exercises. A parent or caregiver participates with their toddler in the classroom as young dancers build the confidence to eventually do it on their own. (30 minutes, 12-week session)

Tippy Toes/ Tiny Tutus (3-5 yrs old) - A creative movement class designed to enhance gross motor development, listening skills, musicality, and nurture the creative spirit. (45 minutes)

Maranatha School of Dance & the Arts

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