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2023 Recital Prayer Circle
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The Maranatha Story

Maranatha was founded in 1965 by Paula Himschoot. The name comes from Aramean Hebrew meaning "Come Lord Jesus". Hear more about Maranatha's history from Ms. Paula below.

Our Purpose

Maranatha exists to provide high-quality training in a Christ-centered environment that nurtures each student and allows them to thrive. Whether our students study for fun or train to pursue professional careers, it is our goal to be a positive influence in students’ lives to help prepare them for whatever lies ahead.

Our Commitment

Core Values 2.png

Maranatha is committed to offering programs of excellence that instill confidence in our students. Dance meets imperative needs for social-emotional skills, mental well-being, and physical health and provides quality friendships and role models.

We believe every child has God given worth. We desire to help students grow in their confidence by providing uplifting classroom environments, teachers who encourage whole student growth (body, mind, and soul), costumes and choreography that promote a healthy body image, and opportunities to cultivate lasting friendships.

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Maranatha is committed to challenging, teaching, and equipping students in a manner that inspires character and encourages passion. Dance has lasting value because dance lessons are life lessons. Through dance, students have opportunities to learn perseverance, humility, discipline, respect, and courage, among other virtues. Our teachers also provide an environment for in-class discipleship and training in God’s Word.

We don't teach kids to make great dancers, we teach dance to make great kids.

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Maranatha is committed to meaningful relationships among our students, teachers, and parents. At Maranatha, dance becomes a family and the studio becomes a second home for kids during their developmental years. We desire to impact our community through outreach, service and sharing the love of Jesus.

We are dance that makes a difference! We are More Than Just Great Dancing®.

Our Basis of Faith

Though students and families are not required to share our faith, our basis of faith means that we:

  • Freely talk about our faith in the studio and share about the hope we have in Christ.

  • Pray before classes begin and lift up the needs of a student in prayer when appropriate.

  • Seek to be positive role models by demonstrating things like integrity, honesty, respectfulness, positive work ethic, patience, kindness, and joy on a daily basis. 

  • Choose tasteful, modest costumes and use carefully selected music, steering clear of things like inappropriate language and suggestive lyrics in order to maintain a wholesome, positive environment.

  • Encourage students to use their art form as a way to create meaningful experiences with others.

  • Discuss monthly discipleship themes with our students.

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