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Momentum Company,

​​What is Momentum Company?

Momentum is an auditioned group of Maranatha’s most committed dancers who are wanting to increase their training and have more performance opportunities while building lasting friendships, serving our community, and experiencing growth in their relationship with Christ. Company members work on choreography pieces throughout the year, and are expected to serve as leaders and set a positive example in the studio. Technique classes and company rehearsals emphasize the importance of excellence in dance training as well as in personal character. Any dancers in our leveled/teen programs are invited to audition!​


What is MCrew and MCrew JV?

MCrew is the Hip Hop extension of Momentum Company. MCrew auditions are open to 7th-12th grade dancers in our leveled hip hop program.

And heading into its second season… MCREW JV!!! Mcrew JV auditions are open to 3rd-7th grade dancers in our leveled hip-hop program.

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M Crew Logo
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Our Focus

Community- Momentum and MCREW provide opportunities for dancers to be engaged with their peers here at the studio and develop meaningful friendships. This includes our very special Big/Little Sister (or brother) program where company dancers are paired with an older or younger company member for positive role models and mentorship. 


Ministry-  Momentum and MCREW dancers have the privilege of performing throughout the community several times over the course of the season, as well as some volunteer service opportunities. They also have the fun of a mid-year filming event as another way to impact our community through sharing our dances over social media. 


Discipleship- Intentional discipleship is an important piece of our company and MCREW rehearsal times, getting into God’s word and giving dancers space to share prayer needs, as well as pray with and for one another. Dancers are also invited to join us in Orlando for the Dance Revolution conference, which is an incredible weekend for the dancer's soul, mind, and body (required for levels 3 - 6 company dancers).


2024-2025 Audition Information 

Auditions for Momentum are open to all dancers in our leveled program (must be enrolled in our ballet program + jazz and/or lyrical).
Auditions for MCrew (7th-12th grade) and Mcrew JV (3rd-7th grade) are open to dancers in our leveled hip hop program (must be enrolled in leveled hip hop).

Audition Workshops:
Week of September 2 (during designated company rehearsal slot)
Dancers will learn a small piece of choreography that they will perform the following week at auditions! A parent is invited into the room for the last 5 minutes of workshop to record a practice
video. Be sure to practice your choreography at home before auditions!

Friday, September 6th (times TBA)
Dancers will present the choreography learned at workshops within small groups in front of the teachers, along with some other level appropriate skills.​ Audition results will be released by Saturday, September 7. Rehearsals will begin the week of September 9th.

Dress Code for Workshops/Auditions:
Momentum Company- Dancers should wear a black leotard and black ballet skirt, pink tights,
ballet shoes, hair in a tidy bun.

Mcrew/JV- Dancers should wear a black leotard with leggings or sweatpants, sneakers, and hair pulled back.

Auditions and Workshops are free! 

Choreography Workshops:

Friday, September 13th and Saturday, September 14th (times TBA)
These mandatory workshops are where dancers will learn their routine for the year and get to know their team. We will also gather for our Big/Little Reveal Party on Saturday!

16DanceRev ShowcaseNovember 18, 2023.jpg

New to Momentum/MCrew?

Here’s a peek at our typical event schedule!

Dates for the 24-25 season will be released soon.

October- Pep Rally and Fall Fest Performance 

November- Dance Revolution (required for level 3+, all dancers invited!)

December - Christmas Party and Festival of Lights 

January- Filming Weekend

February- ArtFest and Night to Shine 

March- Serve Day

April- SunSplash Performance and Party

May- Performances at End of Year Recital

2024-2025 Financial Commitment:



Momentum/MCREW Fee: $199+ tax, per group; auto-charged on Oct 10th.

(includes costume pieces for Momentum/Mcrew routine, audition fee, end-of-year production number costume, choreography workshop fees, and filming workshop fees).


Monthly Fee for class - $54 per group (Sept. - May)

All Inclusive Tuition Option:

All-inclusive tuition option: +$27 billed monthly with company tuition (9 installments, Sept. - May).  Includes costumes and fees listed above. Must enroll in all-inclusive tuition option for non-company classes as well. If you have already selected all-inclusive tuition for other classes, you will be automatically enrolled. Email to enroll in all-inclusive or to enquire.

Other costs:

Momentum Costume Jewelry: Choker $15 + tax; Earrings $8 + tax

same as prior years, no need to repurchase;

Earrings needed for all groups,

Choker will be need for certain groups TBA soon.

Company T-Shirt: $20 + tax

Needed for all groups. Same as prior years, no need to repurchase .

Optional Company Jacket - $99 + tax


Dance Revolution 

(Required for Level 3 - 6; all are invited!)

Dance Revolution Fees:

$265 early registration/$255 for apprentice;

due Oct. 10th


Does not include hotel/airbnb.

$45 for DR observers 

DR Showcase Rehearsal & Performance Fee: +$25 (for selected groups); due Oct. 10th.

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