Ballet & Pointe

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BALLET- This classical form of dance is characterized by grace, precision, and fluidity. Dancers can experience the joy of ballet while benefiting from the discipline required to excel. Focus on formal technique, theatrical presentation, and artistic expression are all components of ballet training. A strong foundation in ballet provides greater success in most other genres of dance. Students typically spend a minimum of 2 years at each level.


Ballet 1 - This class is designed for students who are in 3rd grade and up, as well as students who have completed primary ballet and have been promoted by teacher recommendation. Here, the important foundation is laid for the rest of the levels to be built upon. Students are introduced to early barre work, discipline requirements and class etiquette. They will also be introduced to basic center work and traveling across the floor. (45 minutes)


Ballet 2 -(teacher placement required)- This level is offered to students who have demonstrated ability, discipline, and strength that surpasses ballet 1. Advancement to the next level is based on instructor recommendation, ability, physicality, personal discipline, ballet etiquette and knowledge of basic ballet terms and positions. (1 hour, offered twice per week)

Ballet 3 -(teacher placement required) - Advancement is based on student readiness plus all requirements from the prior level. Strength, endurance, and knowledge of French ballet terminology, proper ballet posture and execution of technique at the barre and in the center are all considerations. (1 hour, offered twice per week)

Ballet 4/5 -(teacher placement required) -The goal of this level is to nurture and develop dancers with the technical skills and artistry required for the advancing dancer. Strong emphasis is placed on proper ballet posture, execution of technique at the barre and in the center, and knowledge of French ballet terminology. In addition, a strong commitment and level of maturity, increased strength, and endurance are also required. (1 or 1.5 hours, offered twice per week)

NOTE: Pointe training may begin near the age of the intermediate dancer. But, the teacher and director base advancement to pointe on an individual evaluation. Not all dance students will be permitted to dance en pointe, nor is it a necessity.

PRE-POINTE (teacher recommendation required)  - Must be in ballet 3 or above. This one-year class is required & preparatory for future pointe work. Class is taken in ballet shoes. Decision to progress to pointe shoes is considered in the spring of each year and is at the discretion of the instructor based on an evaluation. Non-Recital class. Student must be taking 2 hours of ballet per week in addition to pre-pointe. (45 minutes)


POINTE – For dancers in level 4/5 ballet who have completed pre-pointe and have been approved to progress to pointe shoes. Students must be taking ballet 4/5 class twice per week in addition to pointe (60 minutes).