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Class by class celebrations make for a unique performance experience

Maranatha Dance was honored to celebrate all that our students have been learning this season with unique, class-by-class celebrations over the weekend. Each student in Levels 1 and under performed with a special celebration with their class for a small group of families. Dance genres in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, and acro were represented.

Unprecedented times called for us to reimagine what our recitals might look like. It was a bit different than our usual 600-seat auditorium shows, but our families were very supportive and enjoyed the more intimate atmosphere and special recognition of each dancer.

Prior to the celebrations, many of our students had learned their dances and continued to practice at home through our Maranatha Connections virtual platform, which we pivoted to in late March when our studio moved to online instruction. Our teachers worked tirelessly to provide choreography through YouTube videos so that each dancer could stay connected.

We then hosted a live Zoom dress rehearsal that gave each student the opportunity to rehearse their dance in costume from home. Dancers who were unable to participate in the live celebration had the opportunity to celebrate virtually with their class, at home with their family.

The in-person performances featured an exciting element that we would not normally be able to implement in a larger performance. A red carpet set the stage for each dancer's introduction, and our students were thrilled when each of their names were called to make their way down the red carpet. Some walked, some strolled, and some even did cartwheels to take the stage!

We had an action-packed weekend beginning Friday evening through Saturday evening, hosting 33 individual class celebrations with more than 15 hours of performance time! We are so thankful for our students, and to our parents, teachers and staff for helping our kids finish strong!

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